[horde] H3 versus H4 (was : [SOLVED] error login : imp does not provide an authenticate ...)

Bruno Costacurta techie at costacurta.org
Thu Jun 16 14:07:00 UTC 2011

>> 'Solved' via a complete removal and re-installation of Horde.
>> Certainly a brutal way but apparently it's the only choice. As I  
>> backup he database and previous conf.php files no personal settings  
>> were lost.

> This shouldn't be necessary.
Well, did not found other *working* solution via mailing list archive  
or Google.

>> Aside this 'solution' and (I insist here) with all respect to the
>> Horde team for their job and contribution to this open source
>> project, I would like to say that using Horde4 since few weeks (H3
>> for around 2-years) I'm not convinced by H4.
>> Got resolved and un-resolved errors with H4 (see mailing list archive),

> Don't know what a "resolved" error means.
Got a solution or work-around via the mailing list.

>> also features present in H3 simply disappeared in H4 (eg. password module)

> The password module has not "disappeared" - it has not yet been
> released for H4.  Within the last few days there has been activity
> focused on updating the code to allow a H4 release in the near future.
So some features present in H3 are absent in H4.
Whatever these feature 'disappeared' or 'yet not been released'

>> and except some improvements in speed (eg. caching) there is no news
>> features in Traditional user interface (user prefer Traditional mode
>> because used to it).
> That is just a flat out incorrect statement.  The list of major
> changes in the CHANGELOG file indicates approximately 260 entries
> between IMP 4 -> IMP 5.0.0.  While some of these changes may be
> specific to a particular view, the vast majority are core changes to
> IMP that affect all views.  Not to mention the large number of changes
> in framework & base horde application that also affect the application.

IMHO I simply express my feelings about what I consider as cons for  
version H4. All these remarks with all respect for the Horde team and  
their great job already done.


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