[horde] Sync tasks and notes with iPhone

Christopher Kunz (Filoo GmbH) chris at filoo.de
Thu Jul 7 06:39:00 UTC 2011

Am 07.07.2011 06:18, schrieb Louis-Philippe Allard:
> Hello!
> I was wondering in addition using activesync to sync the horde calendar and contacts with my iPhone, what would be the way to have my tasks and notes from horde synchronized with my iPhone? I like the all in one interface like kontact on kde or outlook on windows and I'm thinking about pocket informant for my iPhone but it's unclear if it will do the job and how well it will do it...


I'm using Moxier Tasks Lite for task syncing. Works great. I hear that
in iOS5, there's going to be a native app for tasks, so I'm going to
hold back on buying one.



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