[horde] Whups is not activated.

Vilius Šumskas vilius at lnk.lt
Thu Jul 7 20:38:36 UTC 2011


Wednesday, July 6, 2011, 8:28:48 PM, you wrote:

> Hi there.

> I setup whups following all the instructions from the webpage, I
> setup the database via mysql command, the configuration page in the
> server appear to be normal, but the "whups apllcation" doesn't exist for use.

Which Horde version? Which Whups version? What "mysql command"?

> If I go to the browser and put https://my.server/horde/whups/
> Horde:: Fatal Error

> Se ha producido un error irreparable
> whups is not activated

> [línea 803 de /home/httpd/html/horde/lib/Horde/Registry.php]

> Don't know what to do.

Best regards,

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