[horde] I've got "Aufgaben" instead of "Tasks" on Horde webmail 4.0.8

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Aug 18 16:53:21 UTC 2011

Zitat von D G Teed <donald.teed at gmail.com>:

> Running Horde webmail 4.0.8.  All portal blocks have english titles
> except Aufgaben.  It was like this immediately on install.
> Even with my Global Preferences set to English, the title
> remains Aufgaben.  This was an upgrade on a copy of the Horde Webmail 1.29
> database, but there are no other errors like this.
> Everywhere else I look, such as clicking on Aufgaben link, shows
> English, such as "My Tasks".

Please create a ticket.


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