[horde] Login / auth trouble

Andre Dieball andre at dieball.net
Sat Aug 20 08:08:08 UTC 2011

Hi Team

I'm setting up horde as part of the new website I do for my daughters school.
I have a working ldap / cyrus/ postfix, etc setup and horde webmail was the last step, but I'm struggling a bit with authentication and defaults (domains).

Basically the problem is as follows:

right now, I authenticate horde against imp and imp against imap which works fine.

The problem is that I have teachers using the default domain (example.com), students using a subdomain (@students.example.com).

right now, when a teacher logs in, they can use uid or email (jon.doe or jon.doe at example.com) and get logged into their mailbox.

But (there is always a but):
when a student logs in with his email, they see their mailbox, but when they login with the uid, the get logged in but seem to endup in a different mailbox (not existing actually).

My saslauth ldap filter right now is: ldap_filter: (|(mail=%u@%r)(mail=%u)(uid=%u%r)(uid=%u)) which allows email and uid, when I change this to ldap_filter: (|(mail=%u@%r)(mail=%u)) nobody can login anymore.

the current ldap filter wirks fine in every email client, i.e. in apple mail, I can use uid or email and get my mailbox.

I would like to have it that they can login with uid or email and get to the proper mailbox OR just with their email address (less preferred) which ends up in a login error when they use their uid.

Thanks a lot in advance


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