[horde] [imp] Controlling the reply in IMP 5

Vilius Šumskas vilius at lnk.lt
Mon Aug 29 12:14:38 UTC 2011

> OK, we've talked about the theory.   Here is the reality folks...
> A ticket arrived in our Helpdesk this morning:
> User - Ricky XXXXXX (rickyusername)
> Incident: Network->Intranet->Webmail
> Assigned to: System Services
> Description: I believe there is a security issue with the email
> system. I have recently been receiving emails from students who have
> pressed the "reply all" to emails sent by YYYYYYY University to
> students.

The university YYYYY is doing it wrong. It should *never* set To: or Cc: to anything more than one recipient per email when mass mailing students. There are far bigger dangers than misclicked "reply all" in such cases.

> Classes have not started yet, but this might be a killer for Horde 4 and dimp
> as the default interface.  Is there a way we can default to traditional mode
> rather than "automatic"?

Yes, in Horde Configuration or Default/User Preferences.
> If we can't steer them or fix this, I might have to fall back
> to Horde 3.  Faculty will not like a default of replying to all of
> a class's mailing list when the student intends to email the
> instructor directly or possibly privately.


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