[horde] Trouble displaying special characters in subject -- [Invalid subject]

Felipe Scarel fbscarel at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 15:16:53 UTC 2011

Hello all,

I'm migrating an old Horde 3.3/IMP 4.3 to a brand new Horde 4.0.9/IMP 5.0.11
setup. I'm having some trouble displaying special characters in message
subjects (containing characters like 'ç', 'ã', 'á' and so forth) in dynamic
and traditional modes, however.

The previous setup works just fine, and the messages are displayed correctly
in both modes.

I rsync'ed the mailboxes from one server to the other and logged in Horde.
All messages are displayed in the same order, so that's not a problem.
Messages containing special characters, however, show up as [Invalid
Subject] in dynamic mode and with � characters replacing the special ones in
traditional mode. When I click on the messages to show them, the subject
appears just fine, quite odd.

I've done some research and found two threads with seemingly the same
problem I'm having:

Here the hypothesis is that the subject encoding is wrong. I've checked one
of the problematic message's encoding with "file -i" and got
"message/rfc822; charset=unknown-8bit". I've tried using iconv and recode to
mess around with the encoding, to no avail.

Similar problem, but the solution didn't work for me, since my libxml
version seems OK:
# dpkg -l | grep libxml
ii  libxml2                             2.7.8.dfsg-2+squeeze1        GNOME
XML library

What bugs me the most is that the subject headers are working in the legacy
Horde versions, but not in the recently-updated ones I've got here. Any help
is deeply appreciated.


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