[horde] Activesync setup on Android

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Thu Sep 22 20:39:56 UTC 2011

Quoting Simon Brereton <simon.brereton at buongiorno.com>:

> Hi
> Probably I'm doing something stupid - and I know the wiki says it's  
> impossible to give a howto for every Android device, but I'm have an  
> issue setting up Activesync on Android.
> Horde_Activesync 	is installed and DB schema is ready.
> $conf[activesync][enabled] = Enabled
> webmail.mydomain.net/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync redirects to  
> webmail.mydomain.net/rpc.php as per the installation guide.

It shouldn't be a redirect, it should be an Alias to the physical path  
on the server to rpc.php.

> I get this when accessing the page with the browser - which I assume  
> is correct:
> A fatal error has occurred
> Horde_Log_Handler_Stream: "" cannot be opened with mode "a+"
> Details have been logged for the administrator.

Why would you assume this is correct? It's not. Looks like something  
with your logging is not configured correctly.

> On the device (OG - 2.3.4) I go to Settings/Accounts and Sync/Add  
> New Account.  Choose Exchange.  Enter the email address and password  
> and tap next.  I change the default \username to  
> \username at mydomain.net (although I've also tried  
> mydomain.net\username)

The username field should be *exactly* what you use to login to Horde  
with, though the extra Windows Domain separator (\) is harmless.

> and change the server to webmail.mydomain.net:443 - tapping next  
> gives me "checking incoming server settings" which returns an error  
> pretty sharply - "Unable to open connection to server"

You shouldn't need to specify the SSL port. It is automatically  
determined by the client, depending on whether or not you select to  
enable SSL or not.


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