[horde] ActiveSync error and not logging

Stephan Kleber stephan at admin.nabira.de
Mon Dec 19 22:58:29 UTC 2011

Thanks Mike for the quick response,

>> Any ideas where to look next?
> What does the tcpdump look like, other than it has "traffic with the
> ActiveSync-URL involved"? There is likely some useful information there.
Sometimes all you need is another perspective. I thought of further
debugging on php-level... and forgot about the dump...

Horde says to the client:
<head><title>Horde :: Fatal Error</title></head>
<body style="background:#fff; color:#000"><h1>A fatal error has
occurred</h1><h3>Horde_Log_Handler_Stream: &quot;&quot; cannot be opened
with mode &quot;a+&quot;</h3><h3>Details have been logged for the

No wonder the client can not parse this.

What file could it mean? There is nothing between the quotes. The log
files (horde, as, php-error) definitely are writeable through the web
server user. It writes things in there occasionally ;)

Where to look at next? Any ideas?


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