[horde] Horde H4 LDAP Groups and Auth

Sven Röllig roellig at roellig-ltd.de
Tue Dec 27 23:08:22 UTC 2011

in admin group tab I have the right values​​, the groups I see in the  

But if I enable the auth on ldap and a user logs on I get a "bad  
search filter" error,
the error message in browser:

Bad search filter Parameters: Base: ou=user,o=datacenter,dc=bla,dc=de  
Filter: (&(objectclass=)(=user1 at domain1.de)) Scope: sub

the error in syslog:
HORDE: [horde] Bad search filter#012Parameters:#012Base:  
(&(objectclass=)(=user1domain1.de))#012Scope: sub [pid 7719 on line  
837 of "/usr/share/php/Horde/Ldap.php"]

in admin user i can see the users an i can create the permissions, for  
the users.
but the login in no runnning correctly.



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