[horde] IMP seems slow refreshing and executing actions

Louis-Philippe Allard lp.allard.1 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 20:04:15 UTC 2011

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>   Subject: [horde] IMP seems slow refreshing and executing actions
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>> Merry Xmas everyone!
>>    I am wondering why "navigation" in our mailbox such as deleting emails,
>>    opening emails, moving emails around is pretty slow.  For example, when I
>>    click on an email in my inbox, it takes about 8 to 10 seconds to see the
>>    preview in the preview pane..  Opening the email takes about the  
>> same time.
>>    Deleting an email also takes about 8-10 sec.  Seems excessively slow for
>>    an inbox that has always less than 20 emails..
>>    While I'm at it, I've sent an email a few days ago to the horde list, and
>>    I am not sure it it was received properly.. so ill ask again:
>>    Since I upgraded to the latest horde framework, I have lost some links in
>>    the left side menu.  Among the items I've lost, is the calendar link.. 
>>    Which is pretty  much a problem for us..
>   Jan has already answered for the lost menu items.
>   "The logic how we merge configurations has been fixed in the  
> latest Horde_Core release. You need to explicitly enable the  
> applications you want to display in an application's menu in that  
> application's configuration. It's no longer sufficient to set them  
> globally in Horde's configuration."
>> Anybody can help with the slow behavior of IMP and get back the links
>>    I've lost??
>>    Again, thanks for the wonderful work Horde devs and Merry Xmas to all!
>>    Louis
>>    Louis-Philippe Allard
>> lp.allard.1 at gmail.com
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    Please disregard my previous email regarding the menu items... I missed
the "Menu" entry in the Horde config..   Anyways regarding the performance
issue, I forgot to mention that I am not using a memcache server..  I
remember when I started to use Horde I had Fatal error problems with
memcache and never used it since then.

    Would it help?

    Louis-Philippe Allard
lp.allard.1 at gmail.com
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