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Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Sat Dec 31 00:48:55 UTC 2011

On Fri, 2011-12-30 at 16:53 +0000, Spyros Tsiolis wrote:
> Hello all, a Happy New Year and Seasons' greetings.
> Here's a q. I have managed to make OpenLDAP work and
> am now in the process of updating obsoleted info on 
> various contacts in my OpenLDAP schema.
> One thing I noticed is that if you update a contact 
> record with more than one e-mail (and this is not
> a problem), horde shows all e-mails, thunderbird doesn't.
> Another thing I noticed (and this is my issue at the moment)
> is that if you update a record on the schema with telephone
> numbers (mobile, work phone etc.) on Horde it doesn't show
> anything.
> Would anyone know why is this is happening and (most important)
> how to make those telephone numbers appear on Horde ?
apparently there is still some basic information that you need to
understand about using LDAP.

The various LDAP clients and LDAP servers will have some common
attributes and many uncommon attributes and thus the information w/r/t
people will vary depending upon whether you are using a Mozilla
client/server, Microsoft client/server, Apple client/server, Horde
client, SunDS server, OpenLDAP server, etc.

The exercise is left to the system administrator to identify which
clients are going to be used, which attributes they expect to hold data
and use objectclasses & attributes that fulfill those expectations.

The beauty of Turba is that between
horde/turba/config/attributes.local.php and
horde/turnba/config/backends.local.php you can choose which attributes
to map whereas it's much more difficult to map attributes with a Mozilla
client (ie Thunderbird).

In short, you should probably identify which objectclasses & attributes
are workable by using the ldapmodify/ldapsearch command line tools and
Thunderbird and at the point where you have identified the multiple
e-mail address attributes, various telephone number attributes that work
between OpenLDAP and Thunderbird, implement them in turba using the
mapping opportunities in the files described above.

Bear in mind that while LDAP permits multi-valued attributes (ie, more
than one e-mail address), that a client like Horde supports backends
that do not (SQL comes immediately to mind) and thus the only
implementation that includes turba and can make sense to turba is one
where there isn't a reliance on multi-valued attributes (unless
something has changed in Turba of which I am unaware of anyway).

Also recognize that once you get this all tuned between OpenLDAP,
Thunderbird and Turba, if you bring in a totally different client such
as the Apple Address Book or Microsoft Outlook, chances are that it will
not be a happy client.


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