[horde] Setting Default Preferences Before First Login

Pro Green European pro_green_european at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 6 11:43:45 UTC 2012

Brian Spraker <spraker at yahoo.com> schrieb:

>OK - continuing with Horde 4 install and I have another question about
>With Horde 3, I would create a user account.  I would then login to the
>user account and set all of the preferences to what I would want set
>for any 'default' user that hasn't been created yet.
>I would then go into the horde database and find all of the preferences
>set under the horde_prefs table amongst the others based upon the login
>ID I just used.
>I then made an SQL/PHP script from those default preferences so
>whenever I would make a new user account, this script would run and
>setup all of the preferences to how they were set with my test account.
>However, with Horde 4, I see that the pref_value field is now a BLOB
>and not LONGTEXT as it was in Horde 3.
>So how can I setup default preferences for all users before they even
>login or use their account?  Things like disabling the Virtual Folders,
>setting reminders, default folders (Sent, Trash, Spam, Drafts), and all
>other items no longer are available because of the BLOB field type.
>Appreciate any additional help.


I have a similar situation as you have.

Did a mysqldump of the data, and lo-and-behold, the data is readable...

Based on the mysqldump result I did successfully insert new data into the database even though the field is a binary - blob field now.

I tested this with a test account on my test webmailserver, and the user preferences set through the script I made worked without any problem.


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