[horde] Expanding E-Mail Address in To, CC, and BCC Boxes

Brian Spraker spraker at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 6 18:35:50 UTC 2012

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> Subject: Expanding E-Mail Address in To, CC, and BCC Boxes
> Hello all,
> Upgraded to Horde 4 (as many of you already know).
> A user just called me saying that a feature they used frequently is no longer 
> working for them - the auto-expansion of names or e-mail addresses in the To, 
> CC, and Bcc Boxes.
> This is affecting both the Dynamic and Traditional mail systems.
> The AJAX round circle animation appears next to the box when you type in a few 
> characters, but it never returns anything.
> I went into the preferences for Mail and chose Address books.  Both the 
> user's address book is selected along with the Favorite Recipients.
> When I choose their main address book, I can then choose Name and Email in the 
> auto-expansion box below.  Both are selected and then the settings are saved.
> The preference page then reloads - and the auto-expansion box is empty again.
> We then logged out and logged back in - went to create a new message - and the 
> same thing happens.  The little AJAX animated circle turns for a moment and goes 
> away - but nothing is populated in the drop-down for choosing a recipient.
> Anyone else had this problem - and is there a fix for it?
> Thank you!
> Brian S.

Mostly got this issue fixed.  it must have been a problem with cookies.  I moved my previous Horde 3 install to a 'webmail-old' directory so it could still be used if needed.  The Horde 4 install was then created in the 'webmail' directory - which Horde 3 was originally in.

After clearing browser cache and history, the auto-expansion seemed to work.

But, there still is one problem - the expansion of contact lists within an address book.  I have a contact list of about 15 people in my address book - and it does not auto-expand.  It does this with Horde 3.  But the only way an e-mail can be sent to the contact list is if you click the To button (or hit the Address Book button in Traditional view).  Then click the contact list.

Brian S.

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