[horde] Problems after upgrade

Mehmet Giritli mgiritli at giritli.eu
Tue Feb 28 21:47:56 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I recently upgraded from horde 3 groupware to horde 4. However, I am
having a couple of problems:

1. I have configured my addressbook with a ldap backend and it works ok
with turba, but address auto complete in imp message composition is
broken. When address is being typed into "to" field, **I can see from
the ldap server logs that server is queried by horde and results
returned**, but no suggestions are made to the user. It works for local

2. I have photo field mapped to jpegPhoto ldap field but despite working
flawlessly with horde 3, I am not seeing any photo in turba contacts in
horde 4.

3. My mail backend is an imap server and in the sent folder, under "To"
column, I see my own address in the form of "From: email at address" for
most of the messages instead of the recipients' addresses.

4. Number of unread messages shown in the portal view in the side pane
is not updated sometimes: I had the default virtual inbox initially
showing a certain amount of new emails and that was reflected in the
side pane as well. But I deactivated this virtual folder from saved
searches in preferences. Virtual folder is no longer shown in the list
and the amount of new messages in the folders that are listed now is
definitely much less than those in this virtual folder. But in the side
pane I still see the number that was deduced by including the new
massages in the virtual folder.

Thank you.

PS: Here is my addressbook config:

$cfgSources['localldap'] = array(
    'disabled' => false,
     'title' => _("LDAP Server"),
     'type' => 'ldap',
     'params' => array(
         'server' => 'x',
         'port' => 389,
         'tls' => true,
         'root' => 'dc=giritli,dc=eu',
         'bind_dn' => 'cn=root,dc=giritli,dc=eu',
         'bind_password' => 'x',
         'dn' => array('cn'),
         'objectclass' => array('top',
         'scope' => 'sub',
         'charset' => 'utf-8',
     'map' => array(
         '__key' => 'dn',
         '__uid' => 'uid',
         'name' => 'cn',
        'firstname' => 'givenName',
        'lastname' => 'sn',
        'middlenames' => 'initials',
         'emails' => 'mail',
         'photo' => 'jpegPhoto',
        'category' => 'category',
        'nickname' => 'displayName',
        'fileas' => 'fileAs',
        'notes' => 'note',
         'homePhone' => 'homephone',
         'workPhone' => 'telephonenumber',
         'cellPhone' => 'mobile',
         'otherPhone' => 'otherPhone',
        'homeFax' => 'homeFacsimileTelephoneNumber',
        'fax' => 'otherFacsimileTelephoneNumber',
        'workFax' => 'facsimileTelephoneNumber',
         'homeAddress' => 'homepostaladdress',
         'workAddress' => 'postaladdress',
        'commonAddress' => 'otherpostaladdress',
        'website' => 'labeledURI',
        'birthday' => 'birthDate',
        'anniversary' => 'anniversary',
     'search' => array(
     'strict' => array(
     'approximate' => array(
     'export' => true,
     'browse' => true,

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