[horde] horde replacement

Thomas Spuhler thomas at btspuhler.com
Sun Mar 4 18:36:10 UTC 2012

On Sunday, March 04, 2012 09:58:26 AM Reindl Harald wrote:
> since horde-developers decided go to PEAR and do not realize that
> the spilt into a ton of packages is not handleable for people like
> clean systems meaning built them as RPM horde is dead
> http://roundcube.net/
> * two minutes to rebuild a SINGLE rpm
> * not many thousands of files
> * no bloatet configuration
> * not bloatware at all
> realize you have done something wrong if you are
> forcing people using horde since 7 years to throw
> it away!

It's actually not that bad if you can install it from a Distro and all the 
deps are pulled, but the horde folks are not very helpful in fixing the bugs in 
the packages that would make it easier for packagers.
I guess we all have choices and if it get's too difficult, they will not be 
included in the Distros anymore.
Best regards
Thomas Spuhler

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