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Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at horde.org
Sun Mar 4 22:03:30 UTC 2012

Zitat von Thomas Spuhler <thomas at btspuhler.com>:

> On Sunday, March 04, 2012 09:58:26 AM Reindl Harald wrote:
>> since horde-developers decided go to PEAR and do not realize that
>> the spilt into a ton of packages is not handleable for people like
>> clean systems meaning built them as RPM horde is dead
>> http://roundcube.net/
>> * two minutes to rebuild a SINGLE rpm
>> * not many thousands of files
>> * no bloatet configuration
>> * not bloatware at all
>> realize you have done something wrong if you are
>> forcing people using horde since 7 years to throw
>> it away!
> It's actually not that bad if you can install it from a Distro and all the
> deps are pulled, but the horde folks are not very helpful in fixing  
> the bugs in
> the packages that would make it easier for packagers.

Please be a bit more specific here. Horde is being repackaged in by  
sevetal distributions and it is something we encourage. We do not  
believe that PEAR is the only packaging system people should use.  
Absolutely not. I don't even like PEAR that much. Maybe we move to  
composer at some point.

Right now you can install Horde via git, PEAR, RPMs, Debian packages,  
cPanel, Plesk and so on. Anyone that develops additional solutions is  

So if there are active issues that prevent repackaging I'd be  
interested to know about them.

> I guess we all have choices and if it get's too difficult, they will not be
> included in the Distros anymore.

Of course it is slightly more difficult to get into the distros if you  
offer 100 packages rather than 5. The benefit on the user side should  
be obvious as well: You get modular packages that can use as building  
blocks for your own software. Look at things like Horde_Imap_Client,  
Horde_ActiveSync, Horde_Date_Parser. They have a natural right to  
exist stand alone.

I would suggest to take a close look at why distributions are  
successful. They are extremely modular. You don't download "the  
Debian" in one tar archive, slap it on your hard drive and have  
everything at your hand. Distributions do not work like that for a  
reason and they are successful nonetheless.

Why suddenly wish for monolithic software if this known to be a  
problematic model?



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