[horde] A horde messenger Re: horde replacement

Andreas Mauser andreas at mauser.info
Wed Mar 14 11:37:14 UTC 2012


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> Quoting Andreas Mauser <andreas at mauser.info>:
>> Hi,
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>>>> By the way, Horde developers, I still miss the Horde messenger. You dont
>>>> want to implement a messenger in Horde, do you? I would really
>>>> appreciate that, even if you give us a beta.
>>> What do you mean by messenger? Something like a chat application?
>>> I don't see that soon. I think there was some alpha in  
>>> horde3/incubator but I don't remember the name.
>> Yes, a small chat application inside Horde. There are some  
>> Groupware outside having such chat application and I miss such in  
>> Horde.
>>> In another language/framework/environment we used xmpp (jabber)  
>>> for debugging, as a part of a die handler and for certain types of  
>>> alerts.
>>> I have looked around, there is only one PHP XMPP library I found  
>>> and it's been unmaintained for years. We probably would have to  
>>> implement parts of the protocol for one-shot jabber messages to  
>>> rooms or users. There is more stuff for IRC but it's also  
>>> unmaintained and mostly PHP4 stuff.
>> But wouldn't it be an easy task to implement e.g. some jabber or  
>> such into Horde? I mean, Horde is already there, so the base of all  
>> is already there, and the chat protocols are already there. It  
>> would be so practical just drop a message to someone else when one  
>> sees the other online.
>>> Sorry, I don't see this chat client coming in the near future but  
>>> maybe you want to wrap some java chat into a minimum horde app for  
>>> automatic auth. I could help with that.
>> I run a cgiirc in parallel but I dont know how to implement it into  
>> a Horde app. Also I think about when I open the cgiirc page its  
>> more or less a bigger page than I am used to from a chat client,  
>> you know, a small window with buddies in there.
> On this topic - I'm curious if people are looking for something that  
> specifically interoperates with other chat clients/networks (like  
> jabber/IRC/AIM), or if the ask is for something more like  
> Campfire/Convore - an internal team that, that probably lives only  
> inside Horde for logged-in users?

My request was for an internal chat messenger, only avail for logged  
in horde users (like MS office messenger in basic configuration, not  
able to contact outer world, for security reasons)


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