[horde] Sieve with Ingo

Arjen de Korte arjen+horde at de-korte.org
Wed Oct 3 15:12:19 UTC 2012

Citeren Nicolas Fo <nicolasfo at ymail.com>:

> Hello everyone !
> I have a mail server (Postfix, Dovecot) with sieve server.
> On a another server, I installer Horde Groupware.
> Everything is working fine (authentication using LDAP, IMP  
> authentication via Horde authentication...)
> I'm trying to setup Ingo to use mail server's Sieve, but nothing  
> seems to work.
> I create a backends.local.php in "config" Ingo directory, looks like this :

You need to disable the imap backend, which is enabled by default:

$backends['imap']['disabled'] = true;

> $backends['sieve'] = array(
>     'disabled' => false,
>     'transport' => 'timsieved',
>     'hordeauth' => 'full',

You should only need this, if you have an override for 'hordeauth' in  
imp/config/backends.local.php. If not, this should probably be left at  
the default value

       'hordeauth' => true,

>     'params' => array(
>         'hostspec' => 'FQDN_mail_server or IP',

I assume the 'hostspec' is pointing to your Dovecot server, right?

>         'logintype' => 'PLAIN',
>         'usetls' => false,

Dovecot won't allow PLAIN logins if you're not connecting locally. If  
Horde is running on a different machine than Dovecot, you'll most  
likely need to use

           'usetls' => true,

to allow this to work.

>         'port' => 4190,
>         'debug' => true,
>     ),
>     'script' => 'sieve',
>     'scriptparams' => array(
>         'utf8' => false,

Dovecot requires 'utf8' => true (per the directions in  

>      ),
>     'shares' => false
> );
> Horde doesn't consider this config file and still use mysql to store  
> sieve rules. Even, I can't config anything else than Mysql storage  
> in "configuration" admin panel.
> Something wrong in my configuration ?

Lastly, make sure port 4190 is not blocked by a firewall and Dovecot  
is actually listening on that port.

Best regards, Arjen

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