[horde] problem with upgrade

Helmut Schiefer Helmut at 4Schiefer.de
Thu Nov 1 09:24:49 UTC 2012

Hello Guys,

as Jan yesterday explained. After the removal of anseln, the upgrade  
run quiet good.

Interesting for me, only anseln caused a problem. Gollem and the  
password module is not there after the upgrade (quiet clear), but were  
not a problem.

Now I fight again an other problem:
The new look and feel works well until I click on IMP. In the case I  
click on IMP it falls back to the old mobile style only listing  
without any navigation.

I think I saw something like that on the list yesterday. I will read  
the list archive on the weekend to find the solution.

Thanks for help.


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> Am 01.11.2012 07:23, schrieb Hannes Werner:
>> does the same apply to module "passwd"?
> Passwd and sesha have not yet been released, but I have an eye on it as
> time permits.
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Best Regards
Helmut Schiefer

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