[horde] Horde Active Sync on 5.0.0 RC1

Chris Flav chris.flav at yahoo.ca
Fri Nov 2 14:14:08 UTC 2012

>This should be fixed in the just released horde/ActiveSync 2.0.1 package.

I upgraded and it did not resolve the issue for me until I changed my cyrus-imapd (2.3.16 vanilla centos6 package).  I suspected it was a namespace issue so I switched altnamespace to on.


Deleting on the iPhone works now.  It didn't before this upgrade, even with altnamespace in Cyrus on or off.

I am not sure if somehow I should have enabled something else in Horde for this to work, this is a fresh install and not an upgrade so I don't know how the previous version worked in conjunction with Cyrus.  I have a H4 install on a cyrus server with altnamespace off and IMP does not complain, but then again neither does IMP in H5.

Thanks again,

C .Flav

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