[horde] horde/horde_role

Jānis je at ktf.rtu.lv
Wed Nov 14 14:03:56 UTC 2012


I have a problem installing Horde5 on a fresh computer:

pear install horde/horde_role
downloading Horde_Role-1.0.0.tar ...
Starting to download Horde_Role-1.0.0.tar (12,288 bytes)
.....done: 12,288 bytes
Validation Error: task <tasks:postinstallscript> in file  
Horde/Role.php is invalid because of "Analysis of post-install script  
"Horde/Role.php" failed: Parser error: token_get_all() function must  
exist to analyze source code, PHP may have been compiled with  
Parsing of package.xml from file  
"/tmp/pear/temp/pearLDgrd9/package.xml" failed
Download of "horde/horde_role" succeeded, but it is not a valid  
package archive
Error: cannot download "horde/Horde_Role"
Download failed
install failed

I checked php - it is built with enable-tokenizer=shared


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