[horde] Issues with Ingo and Dovecot-Managesieved

Stuart C. Naifeh scnaifeh at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 14 20:27:09 UTC 2012

I am running Dovecot with managesieved as my imap and sieve server and I've
had a couple issues getting Ingo to work with it.

First, although the comments in Ingo's backends.php file state that "By
default, the transport driver will use Horde credentials to  authenticate
to the backend.", in fact, it only uses the bare username, without the
domain, even if the full email address is used to log into Horde and Imp. I
fixed this using a hook, but I did not expect to need to based on the

Second, the implementation of the "effective user" concept doesn't seem to
work with Dovecot-managesieved.  Ingo prepends the username to the
authentication credentials sent to the server (again only the bare
username, but it wouldn't make a deference), which doesn't seem to work
with Dovecot-managesieved.  I removed the code from the
ingo/lib/Factory/Transport.php file that sets the "euser" auth parameter,
and everything works fine.

Also, I think there's a bug in ingo/lib/Factory/Transport.php.

        if (!is_array($auth)) {
            $auth = array();

should be

        if (!is_array($auth)) {
            $auth = array($auth);


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