[horde] Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 4.0.9 (final)

Ingo Herz herz at technik-emden.de
Thu Nov 15 19:10:05 UTC 2012

Am 15.11.2012 17:04, schrieb Ralf Lang:
> Am 15.11.2012 11:49, schrieb Ingo Herz:
>> Does that mean I have to find out the correct version of every single
>> util pack - not only the included horde packages? Perhaps you should put
>> a hint into the upgrade instructions about that.
>> I think I'll stay with 4.0.8 and wait until passwd is available for
5.x ...
> That's why we're preparing RPMs and debs for major distributions. Pear
> is not very smart. passwd from git master should work, but it's not far
> from releases. You won't have to wait long.

Thanks a lot for your hints. Deb sounds very good. I always had a bad
feeling upgrading horde with pear. Fortunately Horde is running here on
a Xen-Farm where I can take snapshots. So it lasts 10 seconds and a
reboot of the VM to go back to the old version.

Let me know if I can help testing debs on Lenny.

For now I'll stay with 4.0.8 until passwd is released.


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