[horde] Issues with Ingo and Dovecot-Managesieved

Michael M Slusarz slusarz at horde.org
Wed Nov 14 21:08:56 UTC 2012

Quoting "Stuart C. Naifeh" <scnaifeh at hotmail.com>:

> Second, the implementation of the "effective user" concept doesn't seem to
> work with Dovecot-managesieved.  Ingo prepends the username to the
> authentication credentials sent to the server (again only the bare
> username, but it wouldn't make a deference), which doesn't seem to work
> with Dovecot-managesieved.  I removed the code from the
> ingo/lib/Factory/Transport.php file that sets the "euser" auth parameter,
> and everything works fine.

Why aren't you setting the 'euser' value in transport_auth hook?  That  
value is never munged.

> Also, I think there's a bug in ingo/lib/Factory/Transport.php.
>         if (!is_array($auth)) {
>             $auth = array();
>         }
> should be
>         if (!is_array($auth)) {
>             $auth = array($auth);
>         }

Why do you think this?  If the transport_auth hook doesn't return an  
array, we discard its value as per the documentation in  


Michael Slusarz [slusarz at horde.org]

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