[horde] Getting horde5-passwd-5.0.0dev201212121203-2.1.noarch work with ispconfig3 on horde5 webmail edition

Matthew Lue matthew.lue at expert-partner.com
Mon Jan 7 09:39:11 UTC 2013

On 2013/1/7 下午 05:27, Ralf Lang wrote:
> Does the passwd-encrypted password differ from a password encrypted
> with ispconfig3 directly?

Hmm, my bad. looks like i entered the password differently then i 
"think" it is...... i reset the password in DB and tried again, it 
works..... ::red face::

and a bit off-topic question, the link to passwd on the top has a 
seperate group "orther -> my account -> password", any chance i can move 
it to "mail" group??

Thank you.

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