[horde] Getting horde5-passwd-5.0.0dev201212121203-2.1.noarch work with ispconfig3 on horde5 webmail edition

Matthew Lue matthew.lue at expert-partner.com
Mon Jan 7 09:51:33 UTC 2013

On 2013/1/7 下午 05:39, Matthew Lue wrote:
> Hmm, my bad. looks like i entered the password differently then i 
> "think" it is...... i reset the password in DB and tried again, it 
> works..... ::red face::
> and a bit off-topic question, the link to passwd on the top has a 
> seperate group "orther -> my account -> password", any chance i can 
> move it to "mail" group??

And passwd don't seems to have any notifications popup if the password 
changed successfully, it just clear all the text box and that's it. is 
it intended??

And if i leave the "old password" text box empty and just enter the new 
password, there is no popup to warn the user about empty old password 
and again it just clear all text box like mentioned above.

Is this intended as of the current development status of the modules or 
i have something else configured incorrectly??

Thank you.

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