[horde] Missing "Apply filtering" button in dynamic mode for IMP 6.0.2

Laurent Mazet mazet+horde at softndesign.org
Tue Jan 8 09:50:36 UTC 2013

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  Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2013 14:15:22 -0700
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Objet: Re: [horde] Missing "Apply filtering" button in dynamic mode  
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> Quoting Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:
>> Zitat von Laurent Mazet <mazet+horde at softndesign.org>:
>>> Hi,
>>> Thanks for the new Horde version (ie 5.0.x). This version is truly  
>>> well polish and pleasant to use. Moreover it's easy to have a  
>>> Horde 4 and the new Horde 5 on the same server using a different  
>>> pear install directory. Useful to test and keep old interface for  
>>> users who don't want to change roughly.
>>> My setup is not up and running but I did not manage to get the  
>>> "Apply filtering" button in dynamic mode. I found the preference  
>>> option to activate it in the basic mode. I found some sections of  
>>> code refering to this feature (filter_menuitem or/and  
>>> filter_any_mailbox) but I did not found any clue from H4  
>>> equivalent sections. I've search in the mailing archives without  
>>> any success.
>>> Is there's a way to restore this feature?
>> Looks like it's still missing from the dynamic view.
> This was previously in the dynamic view (there are references to  
> filter_any_mailbox and IMP::applyFilters() in IMP_Dynamic_Mailbox,  
> and there is reference to the DOM ID 'applyfilterlink' in  
> imp/js/dimpbase.js).  Looks like it was improperly removed from the  
> display templates during during the theme overhaul.
> michael


Do you want that I open a bug about this?


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