[horde] upgrade from 3.3.11 to 5.0.2

Cale Fairchild cfairchild at brocku.ca
Thu Jan 10 02:27:46 UTC 2013

On 09/01/2013 18:08, Alan Silver wrote:
> Hi all:
> I am currently running on a centOS 5.8 machine, mysql 5.0.95
> horde 3.3.11
> and the latest revs for the apps
> turba 2.3.5
> kronolith 2.3.5
> dimp 1.1.6
> ingo 1.2.5
> imp 4.3.9
> passwd 3.1.3
> I am installing a new server with centos 6.3, mysql 5.1.66.  And I 
> would like to upgrade to horde version  5.0.2
> I have read some into on these mailing lists and such, but I still am 
> having some issues. I can get v.5 to install just fine. But I am 
> having difficulties with getting the info from the old db to show up 
> in the new db. The apps I have been focusing on making sure that they 
> work are turbo and ingo since they are used heavily
> My latest attempts revolve around using the horde 3 db in the horde 5 
> application and go to the configuration tab and updating the db 
> schemas. It seems to work. But I still cannot see entries in my 
> address book.
> With the address book, I do see the data in the mysql db.
> But if I try to browse my address book in horde, I get the following 
> error
> Jan  9 16:16:58 crayfish HORDE: [turba] SQL QUERY FAILED: 
> SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 
> 'object_nameprefix' in 'field list'  #012#011SELECT object_id, 
> object_type, owner_id, object_members,#012#011  object_nameprefix, 
> object_firstname, object_middlenames,#012#011  object_lastname, 
> object_namesuffix FROM turba_objects WHERE (owner_id#012#011  = 
> 'asilver') [pid 2383 on line 815 of 
> "/usr/share/pear/Horde/Db/Adapter/Base.php"]
> and the name(s) don't show up.
> Can anyone offer some advice or need further information to help me out?
> Thanks much!
> alan

Hello all,

I have the same upgrade scenario; I have been reading the docs and 
searching the Internet for a few weeks now.

In the upgrade documents there is no mention of going from version 3 
->5, just 3 -> 4 and 4 -> 5 so I have been struggling to get a temporary 
installation of Horde 4 going to do the database conversions one major 
version at a time. Is this the recommended path or are the database 
upgrade routines from Horde 5.0.2 designed to handle an import from a 
Horde 3 installation?

Thanks as well for any suggestions on the best upgrade path for data 


Cale Fairchild
Computer Science
Brock University

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