[horde] User is not authorized for ....

Steves James steves.james at outlook.com
Sat Jan 12 21:05:16 UTC 2013


I made a fresh install of Horde with pear under Apache 2.2.22 and PHP 5.4.4 with mysql backend.

After installation and configuration of authentication with either IMAP or application/imp and trying to 
login I get in log 
HORDE: [horde] Login success for user at yyyyyy.com [aa.bb.cc.dd] to horde. [pid 13298 on line 163 of "/opt/sites/yyyyyyyy.com/horde/login.php
HORDE: User is not authorized for imp [pid 13298 on line 259 of "/opt/sites/yyyyyyyy.com/horde/pear/php/Horde/Registry.php"]

The "not authorized for" is for all applications that I try to access.
Besides this there is no apparent errors anywhere.

Is there something that I am missing ?



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