[horde] ActiveSync email vs IMAP email

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Mon Feb 4 04:25:30 UTC 2013

Quoting Simon Wilson <simon at simonandkate.net>:

> I have been playing with using both on my phone, and find ActiveSync  
> email syncing to be inaccurate in keeping up with mailbox changes  
> not sourced at the syncing device. Latest H5 versions of everything  
> as at 2 Feb 2012.
> IMAP sync keeps far more current when syncing, reflecting e.g.  
> emails deleted in Imp when refreshed. AS sync shows new emails  
> quickly, but often continues to show deleted emails for several  
> minutes before eventually catching up.
> Is this just a limitation, or an issue with my setup?

As explained on the wiki, the only thing that triggers Horde to tell  
the AS email client to break the PING or looping SYNC is the arrival  
of a new email in a pushed mailbox. This means that flag changes or  
expunging messages, alone, will not cause the client to refresh. Once  
triggered, however, all changes are synched. Manually refreshing the  
mailbox will also cause all changes to be synched.

This is on purpose since breaking a PING or looping SYNC is a VERY  
expensive operation in terms of bandwidth and device battery usage.  
Minimizing the number of times a new connection has to be established  
with the Horde server by the client is one of the most effective ways  
to reduce the battery drain attributed to ActiveSync. Each time a new  
change is detected, at LEAST two new connections must be negotiated  
with the server, possibly more depending on the EAS protocol version.   
Also, depending on the IMAP server you are using with Horde, it can  
more expensive to have Horde continuously poll the IMAP server for  
expunged messages and flag changes in addition to new email.


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