[horde] ActiveSync GAL setup help - search returns no contacts

James B. MacLean macleajb at ednet.ns.ca
Sun Feb 10 20:27:31 UTC 2013

On 2013-02-07 2:06 AM, Michael J Rubinsky wrote:
> Quoting "James B. MacLean" <macleajb at ednet.ns.ca>:
>> So, no, I do not know if the LDAP server is being queried from the 
>> GAL function properly and I would like to trace that back, but, alas, 
>> my php skills for traversing where 
>> this->_registry->contacts->search() goes is beyond my skill :(.
>> Would you mind pointing out where that function is that is being 
>> called and I will keep digging in to it.
> This calls Turba_Api::search() (so, it's in turba/lib/Api.php). The 
> actual logic for the search that is called from Turba_Api::search() is 
> in a combination of Turba_Driver::search() (so, in 
> turba/lib/Driver.php) and Turba_Driver_Ldap::_search() (in 
> turba/lib/Driver/Ldap.php).
Ok, getting somewhere now. When you search within Horde in the "Global 
Address Book" the filter is :

(|(givenname=Maclean, james)(sn=Maclean, james)(|(displayname=*Maclean, 
james*)(mail=*Maclean, james*)))

Which ties in well with the use of 'strict' settings in 
turba/config/backends.local.php . When I do a search in ActiveSync, it 
looks like :


which will never match for me. The AND appears to be coming from :



public function makeSearch

inside this if around line 460:

if (count($strict_search) && count($search)) {

changing that AND to OR gets things moving.

The next problem was that searching across more than 300000 records on a 
389 Directory Server against an attribute that is note indexed, and 
having a return limit of less than all those records was giving :

11 Administrative limit exceeded

So, I indexed all the fields used in the search and the Global Address 
Book is now working in ActiveSync.

Thanks for the help tracking down the functions to dig in to.


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