[horde] iPhone mail app just closing when entering subfolder

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Mon Mar 11 22:18:34 UTC 2013

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>> Quoting Mauser Info <andreas at mauser.info>:
>>> Hi,
>>> since ActiveSync is working again for me I found some funny behaviour of
>>> the iPhone5 with IOS 6.1.2.
>>> In Horde I have a subfolder named GMX where all GMX mails arrive, placed
>>> by a procmail rule.
>>> I can browse every mail folder on the iPhone, but when I go to the GMX
>>> folder the iPhone Mail App just closing down.
>> The iOS Mail app is VERY sensitive. I can't tell you how many times  
>> I've crashed it (and the entire system on occasion as well) while  
>> developing this code.
>> This behavior is usually due to it receiving an email containing  
>> invalid UTF-8 data. Looking at the chuck of log you posted my bet  
>> would be a charset issue. We currently perform a number of checks  
>> to ensure we send valid UTF-8, and if we can't 100% guarantee this  
>> is the case, we remove all non 8 bit characters before streaming to  
>> the device.
>> The best way to figure out exactly what is going on is to figure  
>> out which email is causing iOS to choke. You can use the synclog to  
>> see exactly which emails were sent to the device in the last  
>> response and go from there. Remove each of those emails one by one  
>> until the folder starts syncing again. Once you've found the  
>> offending email, you can send it to me privately (if you feel  
>> comfortable doing so) and I will try and see if it's something that  
>> needs to be fixed on Horde's side.
> Thank you for your courtesy, I will remember that if it starts  
> behaviing like that.
> Interesting, I played around and disabled mail sync in the iPhone  
> settings, checked in the mail, no more mails there, fine.
> So I enabled mail sync again and the mails have been resynced and  
> also the GMX folder seems to work.
> Very strange behaviour. I'll watch that and report back to you.
> Thank you very much,
> Andreas
>>> In the logfile for this phone I found that also the mails themself are
>>> shown in the log, which may be an unwanted behaviour.
>> Nope. It's expected, but only when enabling the synclog. Not all  
>> email bodies are shown (some make use of temporary streams for the  
>> body - mostly MIME mails - and we don't output the content of the  
>> streams to the log).

Maybe of relevance...

I could sync in general if I set ActiveSync to Version 2.5 in the  
Horde settings.
Here I got the behaviour that the iPhone app crashes when I want to  
open the GMX folder.

I fixed this by desabling and enabling the mail account.

So I did a little testing and switched ActtiveSync to version 12.1 as  
recommended - I was not able to sync on the iPhone5 (IOS 6.1.2)  
anymore, even with recreating the account on the phone.

Then I switched to version 12.0 and instantly I had access to the  
account from the iPhone and the icons look better now as well - and no  
iPhone mail app crash since more than 24 hours.


>>> Let me post the last part of the log for you to see:
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>>> eBay Europe S.à r.l.
>>> 2013-03-08T22:18:05+01:00 DEBUG: [22137] O        <POOMMAIL:Body/>
>>> 2013-03-08T22:18:05+01:00 DEBUG: [22137] O       <Data/>
>>> 2013-03-08T22:18:05+01:00 DEBUG: [22137] O      <Add/>
>>> 2013-03-08T22:18:05+01:00 DEBUG: Updating state during change
>>> 2013-03-08T22:18:05+01:00 DEBUG: [22137] O     <Commands/>
>>> 2013-03-08T22:18:05+01:00 DEBUG: [22137] Saving state: Array
>>> (
>>>   [0] => {513a5589-8eb4-4fc6-b2b3-56790a001802}2
>>>   [1] => Horde_Db_Value_Binary Object
>>>       (
>>>           [_value:protected] =>
>>> C:28:"Horde_ActiveSync_Folder_Imap":339:{a:5:{s:1:"s";a:3:{s:7:"uidnext";s:6:"140987";s:11:"uidvalidity";s:10:"1241215749";s:13:"highestmodseq";s:4:"3882";}s:1:"m";a:12:{i:0;i:140962;i:1;i:140964;i:2;i:140965;i:3;i:140974;i:4;i:140975;i:5;i:140976;i:6;i:140977;i:7;i:140978;i:8;i:140983;i:9;i:140984;i:10;i:140985;i:11;i:140986;}s:1:"f";s:3:"GMX";s:1:"c";s:5:"Email";s:1:"v";i:1;}}
>>>       )
>>>   [2] => ApplF2LJR3HXDTWF
>>>   [3] => 1362777482
>>>   [4] => GMX
>>>   [5] => uta
>>>   [6] => 0
>>> )
>>> 2013-03-08T22:18:05+01:00 DEBUG: [22137] O    <Folder/>
>>> 2013-03-08T22:18:05+01:00 DEBUG: [22137] O   <Folders/>
>>> 2013-03-08T22:18:05+01:00 DEBUG: [22137] O  <Synchronize/>
>>> 2013-03-08T22:18:05+01:00 DEBUG: Replacing SYNC_CACHE entry for user uta
>>> and device ApplF2LJR3HXDTWF:
>>> a:12:{s:18:"confirmed_synckeys";a:1:{s:39:"{513a5589-8eb4-4fc6-b2b3-56790a001802}2";b:1;}s:17:"lasthbsyncstarted";b:0;s:17:"lastsyncendnormal";b:0;s:9:"lastuntil";i:1362777482;s:9:"timestamp";s:10:"1362777485";s:4:"wait";b:0;s:10:"hbinterval";b:0;s:7:"folders";a:0:{}s:9:"hierarchy";b:0;s:11:"collections";a:2:{s:5:"INBOX";a:11:{s:5:"class";s:5:"Email";s:10:"windowsize";i:100;s:14:"deletesasmoves";b:1;s:10:"filtertype";s:1:"2";s:10:"truncation";i:0;s:13:"rtftruncation";N;s:11:"mimesupport";s:1:"2";s:14:"mimetruncation";s:1:"1";s:8:"conflict";i:1;s:9:"bodyprefs";N;s:11:"lastsynckey";s:39:"{513a557b-642c-4348-8a7a-567a0a001802}4";}s:3:"GMX";a:12:{s:5:"class";s:5:"Email";s:10:"windowsize";i:100;s:14:"deletesasmoves";b:1;s:10:"filtertype";s:1:"2";s:10:"truncation";i:0;s:13:"rtftruncation";N;s:11:"mimesupport";s:1:"2";s:14:"mimetruncation";N;s:8:"conflict";i:1;s:9:"bodyprefs";N;s:11:"lastsynckey";s:39:"{513a5589-8eb4-4fc6-b2b3-56790a001802}2";s:7:"synckey";s:39:"{513a5589-8eb4-4fc6-b2b3
>>> -
>>> 5
>>> 6790a001802}2";}}s:13:"pingheartbeat";b:0;s:14:"synckeycounter";a:2:{s:5:"INBOX";a:1:{s:39:"{513a557b-642c-4348-8a7a-567a0a001802}3";i:1;}s:3:"GMX";a:1:{s:39:"{513a5589-8eb4-4fc6-b2b3-56790a001802}1";i:1;}}}
>>> 2013-03-08T22:18:05+01:00 INFO: [22137] User uta logged off
>>> Can anyone explain how to fix this maybe on Horde side, or does anyone
>>> have the same problem with the default iPhone mail app?
>>> I'm using dovecot as mail server, all over SSL.
>>> Thank you,
>>> Andreas
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>> mike
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>> mrubinsk at horde.org
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