[horde] iPhone mail app just closing when entering subfolder

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>>> Quoting Mauser Info <andreas at mauser.info>:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> since ActiveSync is working again for me I found some funny behaviour of
>>>> the iPhone5 with IOS 6.1.2.
>>>> In Horde I have a subfolder named GMX where all GMX mails arrive, placed
>>>> by a procmail rule.
>>>> I can browse every mail folder on the iPhone, but when I go to the GMX
>>>> folder the iPhone Mail App just closing down.
>>> The iOS Mail app is VERY sensitive. I can't tell you how many  
>>> times I've crashed it (and the entire system on occasion as well)  
>>> while developing this code.
>>> This behavior is usually due to it receiving an email containing  
>>> invalid UTF-8 data. Looking at the chuck of log you posted my bet  
>>> would be a charset issue. We currently perform a number of checks  
>>> to ensure we send valid UTF-8, and if we can't 100% guarantee this  
>>> is the case, we remove all non 8 bit characters before streaming  
>>> to the device.
>>> The best way to figure out exactly what is going on is to figure  
>>> out which email is causing iOS to choke. You can use the synclog  
>>> to see exactly which emails were sent to the device in the last  
>>> response and go from there. Remove each of those emails one by one  
>>> until the folder starts syncing again. Once you've found the  
>>> offending email, you can send it to me privately (if you feel  
>>> comfortable doing so) and I will try and see if it's something  
>>> that needs to be fixed on Horde's side.
>> Thank you for your courtesy, I will remember that if it starts  
>> behaviing like that.
>> Interesting, I played around and disabled mail sync in the iPhone  
>> settings, checked in the mail, no more mails there, fine.
>> So I enabled mail sync again and the mails have been resynced and  
>> also the GMX folder seems to work.
>> Very strange behaviour. I'll watch that and report back to you.
>> Thank you very much,
>> Andreas
>>>> In the logfile for this phone I found that also the mails themself are
>>>> shown in the log, which may be an unwanted behaviour.
>>> Nope. It's expected, but only when enabling the synclog. Not all  
>>> email bodies are shown (some make use of temporary streams for the  
>>> body - mostly MIME mails - and we don't output the content of the  
>>> streams to the log).
> Maybe of relevance...
> I could sync in general if I set ActiveSync to Version 2.5 in the  
> Horde settings.
> Here I got the behaviour that the iPhone app crashes when I want to  
> open the GMX folder.
> I fixed this by desabling and enabling the mail account.
> So I did a little testing and switched ActtiveSync to version 12.1  
> as recommended - I was not able to sync on the iPhone5 (IOS 6.1.2)  
> anymore, even with recreating the account on the phone.
> Then I switched to version 12.0 and instantly I had access to the  
> account from the iPhone and the icons look better now as well - and  
> no iPhone mail app crash since more than 24 hours.

Which is strange since iOS doesn't actually support EAS 12.0. It's 2.5  
or 12.1 so essentially setting Horde to version 12.0 is the same thing  
as using 2.5 from the device's point of view.

I'd need an email that triggers this behavior in order to have a hope  
of tracking it down.

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