[horde] ActiveSync with Kronolith isn't working after upgrading

Geoff Roberts geoff at apro.com.au
Tue Mar 12 00:32:47 UTC 2013


I've just attempted to upgrade two horde systems to Horde 5.0.4/Kronolith 

One from
* Horde 4.0.15/Kronolith 3.0.17
* and the other from Horde 5.0.3 and Kronolith 4.0.3.

All ActiveSync'ing works for Tasks and Contacts

Calendar items from Kronolith do not sync. All Calendars were syncing before 
the attempted upgrade.

I don't sync email as I use IMAP.

If I delete an ActiveSync account on a device in Horde and try afresh:

a) no Calendar items appear on the device with the initial sync (despite the 
sync log saying they are being sent)
b) Any Calendar items created on the device do not appear in Kronolith, but 
appear on the device itself OK.
c) Any Calendar items created in Kronolith do not appear on the device, but 
appear on Kronolith OK.

I have a couple of Sync logs if required.

All devices are iPads and iPhones - iOS 6.1.2

If I run horde-db-migrate, all databases are up to date.

Everything was working well before the attempted upgrade.

Does anyone have some suggestions on how best to proceed?

Kind regards,



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