[horde] SMTP 500 error

Jens Grüntjes jens.gruentjes at ebira.de
Fri Mar 15 11:48:58 UTC 2013

Zitat von derwu <derwu22 at gmail.com>:

> In "mailer" in configure of horde in administration I have:
>  $conf[mailer][type]
> What method should we use for sending mail?
I set that to "Use a SMTP server (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)"
> $conf[mailer][params][host]
> The server to connect to [localhost]
You have to set this to your SMTP server. If it runs on the same  
machine that runs horde you can leave that blank as it means "localhost"
> $conf[mailer][params][port]
> The port to connect to [25]
Set this to the port your SMTP-server listens to or leave it blank if  
it listens to the default port 25.
> $conf[mailer][params][localhost]
> The local hostname / domain [localhost]
> * $conf[mailer][params][auth]
> SMTP authentication
> $conf[mailer][params][username]
> The username to use for SMTP auth
> $conf[mailer][params][password]
Configure this according to your needs. This depends highly on your  
configuration. No one but you can guess what to enter here.
> I'm using:
> content 2.0.2
> kronolith 4.0.4
> turba 4.0.3
> imp 6.0.4
> horde 5.0.4
> nag 4.0.2
> So any idea why send through smtp server doesn't work?
> Should I configure smtp server in imp/config/backends.php ?
Never edit this file directly as it gets overwritten during the next  
upgrade. Create your own backends.local.php. But this file contains  
only your IMAP-Server, i.e. the server you *get* your mails from not  
the one your *send* your mails to.

Viele Grüße

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