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Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
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Quoting simon at simonandkate.net:

> On 13/04/2013, at 5:20 PM, Simon Wilson <simon at simonandkate.net> wrote:
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>>> Quoting Simon Wilson <simon at simonandkate.net>:
>>>> Horde 5.0.4, Ansel 3.0.0-git, updated from git today. facedetect is
>>>> installed and recognised by test.php. Ansel is configured to use it.
>>>> I have a gallery with a single photo, with three people in it.
>>>> In Chrome, launching the Gallery's Find Faces function opens a page
>>>> that says "Searching for faces in Test gallery for faces". On the
>>>> right of the one photo it says "Loading". And never does anything
>>>> else. If I click on "reget faces for this photo" I get an immediate
>>>> and reproducible every time apache segfault.
>>>> No faces are recognised.
>>> I've had nothing but headaches with the facedetect library. I had much
>>> better success with another, no longer available, library (can't
>>> remember the name of it off hand, but it seems to have simply
>>> disappeared off the face of the planet).
>>> Anyway, face stuff in Ansel is still obviously somewhat broken. I
>>> haven't had time to spend to figure out why facedetect won't
>>> compile/load on my system so I can't debug it right now.
>>>> If I click on Add a custom face range, the photo is loaded with a
>>>> small movable box. Except the box is not moveable. :)
>>> This works for me. It's how I've been using face support for a while
>>> now, since I can't get the PECL extension to work right.
>>>> In IE9 the "Loading" but never showing and the segfault issues are
>>>> the same, but the moveable box works, and a face can be manually
>>>> added.
>>> Haven't tested IE9 with Ansel. Will have to test next time I load up
>>> the Windows VM for testing.
>>>> However the Faces are never listed on the "Searching for faces" page.
>>>> I can also not see a way to remove the faces once they are assigned
>>>> - nothing that I can see in the photo's page?
>>> If you click the "Edit Faces" link in the "People in this Photo"
>>> widget, you will get fields to edit/delete each face you've added.
>> I don't see a "People in this Photo" widget anywhere.
> Hi Michael, not sure if this comment I made was missed...?

No, not missed. I just don't have any other information to provide.  
The widget is on the image view. If it's not there for you, I'm not  
sure what to tell you.

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