[horde] Class IMP_Factory_Imap does not exist

Matthias Mahrholz mahrholz at ovgu.de
Mon Apr 29 06:38:40 UTC 2013


> Quoting Matthias Mahrholz <mahrholz at ovgu.de>:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to bring the Horde version of 3.3.3 to 5.0.4.
>> I have the software installed with PEAR.
>> In order to use the parameter "realm", I backends.local.php and  
>> horde/config/hooks.php
>> adjusted according to the instructions below  
>> http://wiki.horde.org/ImpH4Realm.
> These instructions are for IMP 5.

o.k. - then how do I solve the problem with multiple servers (realm)?

I can not find anything about it.

In horde/config/hooks.php is only $vdomain hung on the user-id
(function authusername).

>> Now comes the "Error: Class IMP_Factory_Imap does not exist".
> Your installation of Horde 5/IMP 6 is not installed correctly if you  
> are receiving this error.
> michael


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