[horde] expiration date

Nicolás Valera nvalera at gmail.com
Wed May 1 23:12:27 UTC 2013

Hi everyone!

I'm having some problems when trying to use the password expiration option.

when a user reaches the soft_expiration_date, the horde forces the horde 
forces you to change it but never leaves the

i don't see any errors in horde.log

any ideas?

my settings are:


$conf['auth']['driver'] = 'sql';
$conf['auth']['params']['phptype'] = 'mysqli';
$conf['auth']['params']['driverconfig'] = 'custom';
$conf['auth']['params']['soft_expiration_field'] = 'soft_expiration_date';
$conf['auth']['params']['hard_expiration_field'] = 'hard_expiration_date';
$conf['auth']['params']['soft_expiration_window'] = 90;
$conf['auth']['params']['hard_expiration_window'] = 10;

in my database:
soft_expiration_date int(10) unsigned
hard_expiration_date int(10) unsigned

filled with unix timestamps

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