[horde] Deep folder structure not syncing in AS

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Thu Jun 6 15:36:31 UTC 2013

Quoting Simon Wilson <simon at simonandkate.net>:

> I have a fairly deep folder structure in Horde Imp, but it does not  
> all sync to AS devices.
> E.g. I have in my IMAP space:
> Saved Emails/Computer Stuff/Mailing Lists/Horde. Below that I have  
> two folders BugsHordeOrg, and Archived Horde
> AS syncs down to "Horde" but does not go to the next deeper level.
> On the Cyrus IMAP server this is user.simon.Saved Emails.Computer  
> Stuff.Mailing Lists.Horde.BugsHordeOrg
> This issue shows on all AS devices I have tried - iOS, Android, Win8.
> Is this a configurable thing, or an issue?

Well, it's not something that can be configured...

It's probably something to do with imap subscriptions to each folder.  
Can you paste the following into the administrative php shell:


I'll update the existing unit test with a similar structure and see  
what I can find out.

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