[horde] Errors in Activesync 14.1 Galaxy S3 LTE

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Thu Jun 6 18:16:26 UTC 2013

Quoting Steven Swarts <steven at swartsit.com>:


> To make matters more odd I add a calendar event on the phone, it  
> replicates to the server. I change it on the server it changes on  
> the phone. I add a new event on the server then the phone syncs and  
> it shows duplicates of the same event. I’ve tried it twice and with  
> the same results.

I don't see anything like this on any device/client. The log shows:

2013-06-07T00:39:16+08:00 DEBUG: [25973] I      <Remove>
2013-06-07T00:39:16+08:00 DEBUG: [25973] I       <ServerEntryId>
2013-06-07T00:39:16+08:00 DEBUG: [25973] I          
20130607003557.sYF5p8hKIB6YudLX3ORzhA7 at swartsit.com
2013-06-07T00:39:16+08:00 DEBUG: [25973] I       </ServerEntryId>
2013-06-07T00:39:16+08:00 DEBUG: [25973] I      </Remove>

followed by:
2013-06-07T00:39:16+08:00 ERR:  
20130607003557.sYF5p8hKIB6YudLX3ORzhA7 at swartsit.com not found

The above repeats numerous times (for different messages). This is  
probably some left over crud from your testing, and worst-case just  
means calendar entries were deleted on the client that were already  
deleted on the server.

Other than this, I don't see any other issues with the calendar. There  
is exactly one event sent from the server to the client in this log  
snippet, which is accepted by the client as shown by the increased  
value of the synckey on the next client->server request for the  
@Calendar@ collection.

> Also in relation to the contacts, the issue I have found is when the  
> contact is created on the phone. IT DOESN’T replicate EVER to the  
> server. But if I create the contact on the server, it will replicate  
> to the phone. If then I edit the contact on the phone it replicates  
> to the server. Something on the phone is not telling the server that  
> a new contact has been made. This is even when I FORCE a sync.

 From your log:

<bunch of contact data being sent to server from client>

2013-06-07T00:41:45+08:00 ERR: Invalid address book: mlqrFiIwZZ4Ag4Pss5tZVg2
2013-06-07T00:41:45+08:00 ERR: [5057] Change message failed when updating

This indicates that the address book that activesync thinks is your  
"default" address book does not exist (or you don't have permissions  
to it). I would go into Turba's preferences, and make sure that both  
the "Address Books" preferences and "Synchronization" preferences are  
refreshed and look correct. There might be some stale data there  

> Attached is my cut down log file. I don’t know what all is in there,  
> but I trust you J
> Also I have no idea how to respond to the list. I get it in a big  
> digest with multiple emails of people and the replies. Short of  
> doing what I did now by copying everything to a new email could you  
> please tell me how to work this? Or at the least where to find the  
> information?

Well, if you are going to be using the list regularly, it would be  
worth it to NOT use digest mode. Otherwise, just reply to the digest,  
being sure to fix the Subject of the email and remove the other  
non-related email text from the reply.

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