[horde] Errors in Activesync 14.1 Galaxy S3 LTE

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Thu Jun 6 15:17:08 UTC 2013

Quoting Steven Swarts <steven at swartsit.com>:

> Hi guys,
> Debian system, latest upgrades
> Latest pear upgrade -a -B -c horde
> Recently updated to Horde Webmail 5.1 – passwd finally supported  
> (thanks a heap)
> ISSUE: Contacts made on the Galaxy S3 LTE (Android 4.1) do NOT sync BOTH ways

FWIW, I have no problems syncing contacts in either direction on the  
stock android client on 3 different android version, or on various 3rd  
party android clients.

> /var/log/horde/*name*of*device*.txt (custom logging setup)
> 2013-06-06T10:51:43+08:00 ERR: [27884] Changes in cache detected  
> during looping SYNC exiting here.

This actually isn't an error - I have to change the logging level on  
this entry. It's simply stating that your device has issued another  
request while a SYNC or PING operation was already in progress waiting  
for changes, so the "looping sync" is terminated. This could happen,  
e.g., if you change something on the device while it is waiting for  
changes. The client will send the SYNC request with the new data  
before the looping SYNC/PING completes. This (should) cause the  
looping SYNC/PING to finish, triggering a new one from the client.

> 1.       Removed device from the Active Sync Devices
> 2.       Removed account from Device
> 3.       Cleaned up cache from Device - rebooted
> 4.       Setup Device with Exchange
> 5.       Copies across all Contacts, Calendar and Email
> 6.       Try to add new contact - FAIL - error (same as above)

Trying to add a new contact *where*? On the device or Horde GUI?

Either way, I would need the full sync log generated during the failed  
operation to see what is going on. You may send it to me privately if  
you like.

> Also is there any way I can change the logging of Active Sync  
> devices to only show ERR messages?

Not in the sync log. The whole point of the sync log is to enable it  
for tracking down errors. It should not be left on during production.  
Leaving out the other messages would make it extremely difficult, if  
not impossible, for me to trace where things are failing. FWIW, For  
Horde 6 I plan on implementing a per-device switch for logging so it  
will be possible to turn on debug logging on a per-device level  
instead of all or nothing. In addition, it will also be possible to  
turn off the actual data being sent - while just logging the WBXML  
tags and the number of bytes of content.

> Or some way to filter it when I’m looking?

cat /path/to/device.txt | grep ERR

> Because I have now twice run out of space on this partition because  
> the log gets HUGE!! Just a single new sync makes the log 11MB, which  
> seems huge does it not?

Well, it pretty much logs *everything* that is sent to the device  
(except the content of streams - which right now are used primarily  
when transferring attachment data), so if you have a lot of data being  
sent then your log will be large. In addition, what might be sent to  
the device as a single byte of a WBXML tag is expanded into the XML  
equivalent so it can be read by humans. This also causes a larger log  
than one would expect based on the actual bandwidth used.


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