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Arjen de Korte arjen+horde at de-korte.org
Thu Jun 6 20:48:45 UTC 2013

Citeren Andreas Mauser <andreas at mauser.info>:

>> In short, if you did not use a 'imp/config/backends.local.php' before,
> thats correct.
>> the following should be enough:
>>   <?php
> I did not realize that I need <?php at the beginning of a  
> .local.php, because e.g. in the mime_drivers.local.php a <?php at  
> the beginning makes Horde tell me that no server connection can be  
> established anymore.

All *.local.php files should start with

(without that, they will be ignored). In your case, there most likely  
is an error in said file, which of course won't hurt if the file is  
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