[horde] [Whups] user/admin documentation

Michael Cramer michael at bigmichi1.de
Tue Sep 3 11:07:08 UTC 2013


today i tried to set up whups to provide an issue management syste. i set
up the queue, the types, the priorities and add a user to manage the queue.
but now when a user creates a ticket, the default type is picked up (not
modifieable by the creator) and the state and priority dropdown are filled
with all states and in brackets the queue names. i think i did something
wrong during the setup, but not sure what.

is there some user/admin documentation available that shows the setup

some questions that i trie to answer at the moment are:
- how can a user choose the type
- which permissions are needed for normal users and queue managers
- how can the options in the priority and state dropdown be reduced to
   items that are only available for the desired type

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