[horde] ActiveSync Multiple Calenders

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Thu Sep 5 14:16:24 UTC 2013

Quoting Anna Christina Naß <acn at annachristina.eu>:

> Am 05.09.2013 15:21, schrieb lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de:
> Hallo Andreas,
>> At least for iPhone there are rumors that more than one calender is
>> possible (announced EAS version 14.1), but i have not checked because we
>> have no ActiveSync server beside Horde.
> Some time ago I used to use Google Apps with Google Calendar -- and  
> here it was possible to sync more than one calendar without any  
> problem.
> You could choose which calendars you want so sync and then you had  
> several calendars on the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
> Thus, it IS possible to achieve this.

 From what I know by talking to various android developers, GoogleSync  
used a proprietary version of the protocol. This would only work when  
you used Google's own GoogleSync client and synchronized with Google's  
servers. I.e., you could not create a "plain" activesync account and  
connect it with Google and get the multiple calendars, at least at the  
time I started developing the sync code. This may have changed since  
they removed ActiveSync for free accounts though. Trust me, I've been  
down this road pretty far.

> I haven't tested it using Z-Push, but in Z-Push 2 it seems that this  
> is possible now, too:
> http://www.zarafa.com/wiki/index.php/Z-Push_shared_and_public_folder_sync

As I said in my other email reply on this thread, the problem is that  
the majority of clients do not support non-mail user created folders.  
It does seem, according to the Z-Push wiki, that it works with iOS now  
(though they don't say in which version this started - I can verify  
multiple calendars do NOT work on my second generation iPod touch or  
1st generation iPad). It also states android and even some WP devices  
do not support it correctly.

If someone is willing to sponsor this work, I'd consider implementing  
it with a configuration switch to enable multiple folders (and disable  
multiplexed collections), but otherwise this isn't going to happen soon.

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