[horde] ActiveSync Multiple Calenders

Anna Christina Naß acn at annachristina.eu
Thu Sep 5 14:27:27 UTC 2013

Am 05.09.2013 16:16, schrieb Michael J Rubinsky:

Hallo Michael,

>  From what I know by talking to various android developers, GoogleSync
> used a proprietary version of the protocol. This would only work when
> you used Google's own GoogleSync client and synchronized with Google's
> servers. I.e., you could not create a "plain" activesync account and
> connect it with Google and get the multiple calendars, at least at the
> time I started developing the sync code. This may have changed since
> they removed ActiveSync for free accounts though. Trust me, I've been
> down this road pretty far.

I know exactly that I used to set up a "Microsoft Exchange" 
ActiveSync-Account on my iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Nothing else, 
nothing specifically for Google Accounts.

The (German) "how-to" for setting this up can be found here:

The specific settings for Google Calendar can be found here:

Thus, it IS a "plain" ActiveSync account on the iDevices.

I used to use this on my iPod touch (I think it is 2nd or 3rd 
generation, the one which supports iOS up to 5.x), iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

Anna Christina Naß

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