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Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Thu Sep 5 14:38:42 UTC 2013

Quoting Anna Christina Naß <acn at annachristina.eu>:

> Am 05.09.2013 16:16, schrieb Michael J Rubinsky:
> Hallo Michael,
>> From what I know by talking to various android developers, GoogleSync
>> used a proprietary version of the protocol. This would only work when
>> you used Google's own GoogleSync client and synchronized with Google's
>> servers. I.e., you could not create a "plain" activesync account and
>> connect it with Google and get the multiple calendars, at least at the
>> time I started developing the sync code. This may have changed since
>> they removed ActiveSync for free accounts though. Trust me, I've been
>> down this road pretty far.
> I know exactly that I used to set up a "Microsoft Exchange"  
> ActiveSync-Account on my iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Nothing else,  
> nothing specifically for Google Accounts.
> The (German) "how-to" for setting this up can be found here:
> https://support.google.com/a/users/answer/138740

Luckily for me, this came up in english. This must have either  
changed, or was different for Google Apps for business. This  
absolutely did not work for free accounts. Regardless, the comments in  
my other replies to this thread still stand. Not likely to happen  
unless someone is willing to sponsor this work.


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