[horde] ActiveSync Multiple Calenders

lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de
Thu Sep 5 16:36:11 UTC 2013

Zitat von Anna Christina Naß <acn at annachristina.eu>:

> Am 05.09.2013 um 16:38 schrieb Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org>:
>>> The (German) "how-to" for setting this up can be found here:
>>> https://support.google.com/a/users/answer/138740
>> Luckily for me, this came up in english. This must have either
>> changed, or was different for Google Apps for business. This
>> absolutely did not work for free accounts.
> That is not true. I used to have a free "Google Apps for your  
> domain" account until last year for my 2 domains and I did not pay  
> any cent for it.
> And it worked really well, no problems like phone numbers which are  
> entered into /dev/null after syncing or sth. like that.
> Regards.
> Anna Christina Naß

To my knowledge Google have (annouced) stopped providing ActiveSync  
for the "free" accounts. The payed accounts were not affected and as  
of today Google has not really enforced the limitation for free  


The main question is also if the multiple calender per ActiveSync  
account was/is working with Google as ActiveSync Server?



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