[horde] v1.2 latin1 to 5.x utf8

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Sep 12 08:26:36 UTC 2013

Zitat von Vilius Sumskas/LNK <vilius at lnk.lt>:

>> Howdy horde devs!
>> I started this discussion on IRC and had to continue it here, I
>> noted what came out of that here so as not to waste anyone's time!
>> We’d love to get your feedback on our approach to moving our old
>> install’s MySQL latin1 tables to utf8.
>> Specifically, three things:
>> 1. Do you see anything that this approach is overlooking?
>>    From the IRC: yunosh pointed out PHP-serialized-data columns as a
>> point of concern and we’ll be factoring that in ASAP.
>> 2. What did you all experience regarding this issue when creating
>> upgraded scripts?
>> 3. Would you be open to patches to implement this in the various
>> migration scripts?
>>    From the IRC:  yunosh mentioned that patches or scripts similar
>> to mnemo-convert-to-utf8 would be great. Now, initially the postgres
>> and sqlite verisons would be no-ops since we have no data on if its
>> even a problem there (because we‘ve only ever used MySQL w/ horde).
>> Does that seem like a reasonable approach?
>> Here is the general approach to the problem:
> http://drmuey.com/?do=page&id=156
>> I can send the horde specific testing we did based on that approach
>> if you like, suffice it to say it worked smashingly going from 1.2
>> latin1 tables to 5.1.2 utf8.
>> Thank you for your time!
> Approach looks fine however you should not assume that default is latin1.
> Various Horde installations could be running cp1257, cp1252, etc. If you
> want patches to be accepted into main git tree they should work for most
> users out of the box. Also keep in mind, that even though MySQL database
> was set to latin1 Horde administrator could have set Horde's charset
> parameter to UTF-8. I'm not sure about how MySQL would handle ALTER
> statement in that case.
> --
>    Vilius

That's why I suggested looking at mnemo-convert-to-utf8. The approach  
there works database-independent too. Obviously this does the data  
conversion *only*. I.e. it doesn't change the database's/table's  
collation, let alone the Horde SQL configuration, which needs to be  
done in a separate step.
Jan Schneider
The Horde Project

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