[horde] Activesync auth problems with GIT since X.509 certificate commit ?

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Fri Sep 13 13:30:25 UTC 2013

Quoting Tomi Orava <Tomi.Orava at ncircle.nullnet.fi>:

> <snip>
>> Yeah, the logger is not being instantiated correctly. However, it's  
>> just easier to use Horde::debug() for this type of stuff. It will  
>> dump the output into a file called horde_debug.txt located in your  
>> system's tmp directory.
>> So, after you change back to using $this->_getAuth(), add this  
>> right before the final return statement in _getAuth method:
>> Horde::debug($obj);
>> This should dump the auth object to the horde_debug.txt file.
> Ok, that explains ...
> I've added the output from the _getAuth() as attachment
> as its somewhat long. Perhaps it tells you what goes wrong in
> this case. I have no problems in continuing on the list, it's
> just that these logs are long and I might miss some details or
> passwords by mistake, that I don't want to publish to everyone.
> Tomi O.

 From what I can see, it looks like everything is setup correctly.

Are you using any username or authenticate hooks by any chance?

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